talizmankert lakopark

The Talizmánkert Residential Park is the first own investment of Stoking Trade Ltd. which we started to build in January 2019 and will be finished expectedly 1. October 2020.
In the special monumental environment that can be found in the historical centre of Eger, this residential park is being built under the walls of the Castle of Eger with 21 flats to which an underground garage of 25 places also belongs. The buildings of clear design, adapting to the monumental environment, and fiting into the cityscape, are going to create space for very modern homes. Although, these buildings are located in the city centre of Eger, at the same time, they are situated in a really quiet and calm green area. The investment of the residential park of premium category is the first one meaning a milestone in the life of the Stoking Trade Ltd. on which we would like to base further real estate developments.

Technical solutions and architectural challenges
The apartments of the residential park are implemented with floor, ceiling heating and ceiling cooling systems, all the apartments have their own meters but a central heating and cooling system ensures the appropriate and comfortable inner temperature. This technology is not only economic and convenient but it is very effective, healthy and last but not least, future-proof, too.

The special monumental environment and the specific parameters of the plot meant a big challenge both for the design office and the investor.
But we are on the opinion that this task was successfully solved and the development of the construction can be seen day by day. In September, we have built the parts over the ground and for October, the whole building complex is visible.

Sales philosophy
Our sales team started its official sales activity also in the beginning of September which result is that there are only 14 free apartments left in the residential park.
With this investment, we aimed to create an iconic living environment which might become a real symbol not only for the project and investor but also for this part of the town, too.

With the name Talizmánkert, we would have liked to refer to the novel, Eclipse of the Crescent Moon, written by Géza Gárdonyi. The main motive of the novel is a talisman (talizmán) bringing luck by which we wish to regard to the historical aspect and spirit of Eger, the area and the plot.
On the other hand, we would have liked to emphasize the calm and green environment and the closed residential park, providing safety.
This investment hopefully means a talisman bringing luck not only for us, but for future customers and for those who will live in the apartments.
Who buys a flat in this environment, gets not only a good investment along with a real home, but becomes a part of the real historical and cultural life of Eger.