27 years in the building industry

The Stoking Trade Ltd. was established in 1993 and from the beginning on, it has been a business run by 100% Hungarian owners.

Our quality policy

Our company is dedicated to continuous development and progression.
With the quality of our services, the long-term confidence-building and our innovative view and sustainability…



The QHB Építő Ltd. was established in 1993 as a small company specialized in building services. Its main profile was the plumbing, gas- and central heating installation works, as well as the implementation of air-conditioning and electric systems.
Since 1997, we deal with the implementation of metal structured industrial halls.
In 2009, general building architecture was also added to our services.

During the last 29 years, many smaller and bigger metal structured halls have been built by our company. Among these, there can be found several showrooms, factory- and logistics halls, and other metal structured buildings or of parts thereof.
In the life of our company, one of the biggest challenges was manufacturing and constructing the metal structure of the CET Cultural Centre in Budapest in 2009, which was successfully implemented.
This unique building on the bank of the River Danube is an excellent example of our proficiency and professional successes.
The Stoking Trade Ltd. has made numerous building construction works both as main- and subcontractor in the last 29 years. We have built our relations throughout the whole country and we have maintained outstanding partnerships with our clients, subcontractors and suppliers, too.



In 2019 and 2020, The Stoking Trade Ltd. treats the manufacturing and construction of metal structured buildings or of parts thereof and roofing as a strategic direction of highly importance. In this field, outstanding experiences and numerous references support our company.
Primarily, we focus on the construction of industrial, logistics and agricultural halls but we are able to provide competitive prices and services in other fields of utilization regarding to the manufacturing and construction of metal structured buildings.



Our company was continuously able to subsist and accommodate to the market and economical situations which were changing significantly in the last 29 years. Our achievements involve more than 65 constructed industrial halls, more than 380 satisfied customers and numerous other successful projects. At present, our manpower contains about 50 people, to which – through our excellent subcontractors – further capacities are available, if needed.
Our technical, designer and management groups can attend our customers with outstanding, flexible work and creative solutions. With our own reliable manpower and with the well established subcontructor background, we are able to correspond even to the most modern architectural expectations.

In 2019-2022, a residential park of premium category is implemented in Eger in our own investment.
The Talizmánkert Residential Park is situated in the environment of the Castle of Eger along with other historical monuments. It corresponds to all the monumental and modern architectural expectations and it creates a very modern home for its future inhabitants.
With these achievements and aims, for today, the Stoking Trade Ltd. established its stable market position and it sets a future vision of becoming an outstanding example and dominant company of the area.



The QHB Építő Ltd. sets a future vision of becoming a determinate enterprise principally in the region based on its 29 years past, achievements and future objectives.
We would like to maintain the family spirit of the company, moreover, the direct working relationships that are of good relations with our customers, suppliers, subcontractors and employees.
We pay special attention to social responsibility through the good relationships with the local governments of the area, the population and other enterprises, furthermore, through the community development programs and project.

We find the effort for sustainability of same importance in our functioning and thinking, as well.
We build such a future in which environment protection, community building and innovative views are as important and emphasized goals as the functioning based on traditions.
We develop a company which is modern, sustainable, innovative, exemplary and effective representing value for the employees, partners and the local community, too.