• We appreciate our colleagues and we support their professional and individual development.
  • We search for further colleagues who are reliable, creative and result-oriented.
  • Flexible and result-oriented waging.
  • Continuous trainings and team building.
  • We are awarded by the likeable workplace program.
  • Good team, good mood, good workplace.

Job offers

The leading business activity of the Stoking Trade Ltd. is the construction of metal structured, industrial and logistics halls together with general architecture.
Our main values are the small business atmosphere which is based on direct and friendly cooperation, anthropocentric thinking and innovative views.

Since 2019, our company moved to a new era in which a significant attention is payed to sustainability and the application of alternative energies in the field of architecture.

Primarily, we search for such skilled constuction workers, technicians and administrative stuff who are professionally prepared, live within the radius of 35-40 km from Kápolna or Eger, are open to novel solutions both in the field of construction technologies and regarding work and interpersonal relationships.

If you want to work in a good team and you are open to development, and besides the competitive salary, the good team and flexible work are important for you, too, if there is a demand in you for learning new technologies and approaches, contact us definitely because we are waiting for you.

Open positions at the moment: lock-fitter, electrician, construction worker, construction technician.
But if you feel that you could strengthen our team in another area, contact us bravely.

When should you choose us?

  • If you can reach both Eger and Kápolna with ease.
  • If it is important for you to work with a genial company of family atmosphere and you would really like to improve yourself, you should surely contact us.
  • Team spirit is very important for us, we require high quality and reliable work and we aim to facilitate this in the fields of professional support, financial and moral regard.
  • We support our colleagues’ development and we help them being successful not only in work but also in their private life.
  • We were awarded by the Likeable workplace program in 2018.
  • For us, environmental awareness and the good relations with local communities are of high importance. If you think similarly, you should contact our HR office.

Open positions at the moment

Preparation technician

Scope of duties: technical preparation of construction works, to determine the necessary material and the amount of work needed, to formulate technical advices, to call in and analyze tenders, administrative works, to prepare project accounts, opening and closing documentations.

Expectations: technical knowledge gained in construction building and at least 2 years of experience, at least secondary education, driving license, computer literacy, the ability to interpret construction plans.

Construction manager

Scope of duties: The preparation and total management of construction works with the appropriate technical and economic support.

Expectations: At least secondary education in the field of construction, good communication skills, competent reading skills regarding construction plans, at least 2 years of experience in a similar field, driving license and computer literacy. Precise and reliable work, stable personality. Innovative approach.