• Manufacturing structural elements of steel buildings.
  • General construction and subcontracting.
  • Manufacturing other steel structures.
  • Building in steel building components.
  • Renewal of buildings with steel structures.
  • Designing steel building components.

Manufacturing steel structures

The Stoking Trade Ltd., being part of the SBS Group, has a lot of experience and capacity in manufacturing several kinds of structures in steel industry. The SBS Company manufactures steel structures for world leader machine manufacturer companies in a covered production area of nearly 20000 m2 with a world-class equipment park and excellent professionals. Within this co-operation, we can manufacture and build in general and special steel building components.

Our company has implemented several buildings or of parts thereof with steel structure and locksmith projects in the past 25 years, that’s why, we are able to implement locksmith structures with great experience and on a high quality professional level.

Why you should choose us

Our considerable experience, the competent manufacturing and implementing background and our stable past of more than 25 years mean security and guarantee for our clients.

We can be an excellent partner for you and for your enterprise because of our flexible co-operation, innovative solutions and economic implementation.

The Stoking Trade Ltd. is an excellent choice either as a general contrator, or a subcontractor.