• General construction and subcontracting.
  • Building of apartment-houses and detached houses.
  • Building and renovation of offices and public institutions.
  • The implementation of other architectural, construction works.
  • Leading and supervising constructions, project management.
  • Renovation and modernization of buildings.

Our services

Our company has a lot of experience in the field of general architecture and construction. The building of detached houses, the building and renovation of public institutions, the reconstruction of church properties, general construction renovations, the building and reshaping of buildings or of parts thereof, winery building, wine press house, office or premises, bording house, hotel or weekend house – you can build on Stoking with trust.

Since 2019, real estate developing has been added to our company portfolio. We stepped into this corporate sector with the implementation of an own investment; a residential park of premium category with 21 flats is being built in Eger, in the special monumental environment of the Castle of Eger.

With the building and marketing of the Talizmánkert Residential Park, we would like to show a spectacular and serious reference to our present and future customers.

Why you should choose us

The premises of the Stoking Trade Ltd. can be found in Kápolna, next to Eger. With our manpower of 50-55 people, we belong to small construction companies.

Our business policy is based on the friendly and direct communication with customers, the maintenance of good relationships with the local and neighbouring communities and the family and friendly values which is characteristic among our colleagues.

At the same time, innovative, modern and future-oriented solutions, businesses and high-quality insurance expectations are specific to our company.

We are characterized by sustainability, flexibility and innovative spirit. That’s why, we can be a perfect choice for like-minded customers of similar values, whether they are enterprises, public institutions or private individuals.