• General construction of halls with steel structures.
  • Designing halls with steel structures.
  • Building showrooms, commercial and logistics halls.
  • Renovation and maintenance of hall structures.
  • Building in elements of construction halls.
  • Technical supervision of implementating halls.

Hall architecture

The Stoking Trade Ltd. is considered to be a specialist in designing and implementing industrial and other kinds of halls. In the past 15 years, the primary activity of our company was the implementation of indusrtial and logistics halls. Furthermore, several steel structured showrooms and other hall type buildings have been built by us.

One of our most spectacular works was the hall structure with a special arch and the roofing of the two original warehouses of the Bálna (earlier CET) which is a cultural, entertaining and shopping centre, situated in Budapest. In this project, we not only worked on the building of the steel structure but – through the SBS Ltd. – we also produced the special star structures.

Why you should choose us

Our references, experiences and past of more than 25 years should be enough proof in itself for our customers.

In 2019-2020, our company set a new company image and strategic direction based on sustainability and innovative thinking. With this change, we inspire our previous and future customers to add these two approaches to their own enterprises and projects because we are building the future now and who does not think about these approaches at present will lag behind in this rapidly changing world.