• Management of buildings, building structures.
  • Management of buildings with steel structures.
  • Structural management of industrial plants and halls.
  • Renewal of buildings or of parts thereof, changing structural elements.
  • Renewal works related to constructional engineering.
  • Internal and external insulation of buildings.

Property management

The Stoking Trade Ltd. undertakes management works regarding to those buildings primarily that have been built by the company itself. These involve planned preventive maintenances, extra management works if required, reconstructions, changes in function and modernisations during use or further works because of other reasons.

We would like to bring the demands of the customers, emerging during the operation of the building and the experiences gained while operation together with the knowledge of the contractor. As a result, we can provide a more complex and satisfying service for our customers.

Why it is worth choosing us

Both sustainability and economic operation are in our focus during implementation. So, if you entrust the whole process to us, including design, implementation and management, this means comfort and security for you, and the development of our knowledge for us which creates more predictable and better guarantee options.