• Designing building cladding structures.
  • Manufacturing building cladding structures.
  • Implementing building cladding structures.
  • Revision the steel structures of buildings.
  • The correction and renovation of building cladding structures.
  • Other building cladding works.

Lock-fitting structures

The Stoking Trade Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience regarding the manufacturing and implementation of building cladding structures. The most significant part of the business, income and commissions of our company derives from the construction of halls with steel structures. Because of this, we have a good reason to call ourselves specialists in hall construction. Therefore, we own excellent professionals in building cladding and such technical and designer background which has a great deal of experience in implementing building cladding structures.

So, The Stoking Trade Ltd. is an outstanding choice both in implementating and manufacturing building cladding structures. Among our works, beyond halls with steel structures, petrol stations, platforms, the steel structures of car and other storages, barriers, stairs, ramps and almost the full range of building cladding works can be found.

Why you should choose us

Our considerable experience, the competent manufacturing and implementing background and our stable past of more than 25 years mean security and garantee for our clients.

We can be an excellent partner for you and for your enterprise because of our flexible co-operation, innovative solutions and economic implementation.

The Stoking Trade Ltd. is an excellent choice either as a general contrator, or a subcontractor.