• Designing, technical preparation and authorisation of architectural projects.
  • Technical transactions and monitoring architectural projects.
  • Managing projects related to real estate development and utilization.
  • Marketing design and implementation of architectural projects.
  • Sales of architectural projects, involving outside investors.
  • Service of project management for foreign customers.

Project management

Our project management service is still in a pilot phase at the moment. Our goal is that together with our technical group and engineer group in the background we would like to participate in a certain project even if we are neither a general constructor nor a subcontractor.

In this case, our project management group is able to undertake the following tasks in full or in part; designing, organizing, monitoring, accounting, selling, PR and marketing works, and additionally, handling the technical problems appearing during the process.

This service is primarily recommended for foreign customers who do not own a Hungarian technical team and would like to separate the activities of general construction and technical project management, facilitating competition by this.

Why the Stoking Trade Ltd. a good choice is

Our more than 25 years of experience in Hungary, our outstanding relations and the prepared project management background can mean a huge advantage for a foreign investor.

Besides, we can help our customers who require this service by providing our own premises, offices, vehicle and equipment park.