• Architectural design.
  • Technical preparation and project management.
  • Consulting engineer services.
  • Designing industrial halls.
  • Designing and preparing constuction projects.
  • Making virtual visualizations.


The design of a building or an architectural project does not start with the designing work but with surveying of demands and learning the possibilities. Whether it is an industrial hall, detached house or a light-weight covered storage unit, first of all, we have to plan its functionality, location and probable costs before the more expensive engineer designing processes would start.

Our company has a prepared and experienced technical team and a supporting background team, too. This way, we are able to perform the preparation, design, implementation and the whole maintainence process according to the demands of the customers.

Why it is worth choosing us

We own experienced workforce regarding technical preparation, project leading and construction management, furthermore, we have technical manager and designing background, too.

We are continuously developing our integrated management system, meeting the quality standards of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, MSZ 28001: 2008, by paying attention to critical risks.

We pay special attention to sustainability, thrift and functionality by design.