• Long-term, environmentally sound architectural solutions.
  • High quality management system.
  • Anthropocentric answers, customer relations on the long run.
  • Energy-efficient and conscious architecture.
  • Social responsibility, supporting local communities.
  • People-centeredness, environmental awareness, thrift.


Sustainable development is such a developmental procedure (of lands, cities, production processes, societies, etc.) or rather organizational principle ” that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”, as it is described in the Brundtland Report by ENSZ in 1987.
Sustainable development has to maintain those abilities of natural systems and resources which nature and the society is based on. The other factor that has to be overcome is the deterioriation of nature. This has to be dealt with by paying attention not to relinquish neither economic development, nor the demands of societal equality and justice. The concept of sustainability appeared at an international level in the beginning of the eighties. It focuses on the realization of social and environmental problems and the connections based on these, besides, the possibilities of economic development.

Our goals in terms of sustainability

The Stoking Trade Ltd. has especially brought into focus sustainability since 2019. This means both the area of architectural solutions and possible applications, and the construction of building operations.
We would like to lead and improve our company in the spirit of sustainability; we choose and develop our employees based on this approach. Moreover, in our business policy, we pay special attention to that this direction should appear in our customer and supplier relations.